Good. Thanks. Cause.

Good Thnx powers gratitude while assisting people and companies with their charitable giving

Our customers

The Good Thnx platform

Thank your customers

Good Thnx is used to thank customers by transforming traditional non-inclusive gifts.

A simple, impactful thanking platform for enterprises to appreciate loyal customers with donations to charities, dynamically chosen by their customers.

Thank your colleagues

Improve team engagement by providing timely feedback on great work delivered.

A thanking platform for employees to receive timely and specific recognition for great work and contributions from their work colleagues, managers and customers.

Thank anyone & everyone

When someone does good, say thnx!

Write a message and add an amount for a charity or cause. It can be as little as 10c, or as much as you like. The thnx notifies your friend and they choose where the money goes. It's that good!

Good Thnx Foundation

Good Thnx distributes 100% of donations with no cost to the charity, to make this work we set up Good Thnx Foundation

Good Thnx Team

Shannon Poulton


Ante Juricin


Andrew Leppard

Chief Technology Officer

Cameron Neil

Charity Partnerships

Gwilyn Saunders

Frontend Developer


Adam Ferrier

Founder, Thinkerbell
Consumer Psychologist

David Paterson

Co-founder, Social Capital
Former Chief Innovation Officer, World Vision

Sandy Verschoor

Deputy Lord Mayor, City of Adelaide

Aaron LePoidevin

Director, Blackhill Capital

Ramon Elzinga

Global VP Sales, Culture Amp